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2022 Canadian Comprehensive Review Course

Registration Information

This course is intended for graduating resident physicians and practicing clinicians in the specialty of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. The course includes high level overviews and reviews of core content within the specialty. Please note that this course is not designed for introductory or early stage trainees. It is intended as a high level overview for PM&R trainees/physiatrists who are already familiar with the core PM&R topics.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration space is limited to allow for optimal learning experiences during this course.

Canadian residents in their final 2 years of training
(e.g. PGY-4, PGY-5).

International resident physicians or physiatrists planning to practice in Canada within the next 2 years.

Currently practicing physiatrists inCanada, International resident physicians in their final 2 years of training (with a letter of support from their program director),
or practicing physiatrists outside of Canada.

Online Modules

Jan – Jun | 2022

Live Virtual Sessions

Feb 12 – 18 | 2022